Representation, culture and reading for pleasure.

Some interesting research from Literacy Trust has recently been published on boys, ebooks and reading for pleasure. The data appears to suggest that reading from electronic devices increases boys’ enjoyment of reading. You can read the report here. There are, I think, some interesting points to be made here- firstly, what the students enjoy reading. Because the researchers included social media and websites in the research, more students responded positively to the questions about their enjoyment of reading.

It is, I think, important to recognise that the research is into a specific eBook platform, RM Books. I’m not familiar with the company, but from the website, it seems that teachers suggest books- which helps students in selecting their next book- and can annotate books, providing an extra layer of support. It is also interesting to note that the platform can be accessed via an enabled device, and via an app on a smartphone. 

Interestingly, students on Free School Meals seem to have the poorest benefits from RM books. There are no reasons given for this, but given that smartphones and tablets are expensive items for families, this could be a reason. I would love to see more research. 

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