Pop culture podcasts

I live in Brighton and my journey to work in East London takes 2 hours each way, so I need a lot of distraction. Podcasts and downloads are my distraction of choice, along with reading and writing. Here are some of my favourites. They tend to be feminist, anti-racist and trans/ non-binary inclusive, because that’s how I roll. You can get them all through iTunes, and no doubt through other audio-media services.

Bitch Media Popaganda To my astonishment, I had never heard of Bitch until this year. A feminist response to pop culture since 1996, Bitch is a non-profit, independent magazine. The podcasts are excellent, and the magazine is well worth supporting.

SRSLY is New Statesman’s pop culture podcast. Caroline and Anna talk about all things pop- music, film, TV and books, with enthusiasm and criticality, in short (30 minute) podcasts; great for a brisk walk or run, although I need to stop and note down what they’re discussing often!

Galactic Suburbia Alex, Alisa and Tansy are three Australian women; readers, writers and publishers of SFF. Galactic Suburbia is an award-winning fan podcast; at it’s best it’s like hanging out with some great friends enthusing about their favourite films, TV shows and books.

Verity! A Doctor Who podcast One of my favourites. Six witty women, all Who fans, talk about Doctor Who TV shows, books, media and creators from a feminist perspective. They have strong opinions, often disagree, and I often laugh aloud when listening.


I met Liz from Verity! at Fantasycon 2015. She is second from the left; I’m second from the right.

Witch, Please: Two Canadian academics discuss Harry Potter. The podcast is funny, warm but critical of the world of Harry Potter and JK Rowling. It has made me think more deeply about some aspects of Harry Potter, and I often disagree with Marcelle and Hannah; they get the social class aspects of British society wrong, for example.

Buffering the Vampire Slayer Singer Jenny Owens Young and her wife, LGBTQ activist Kristin Russo, watch and discuss an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer every podcast, and Jenny records a song summarising each episode. It’s fannish, and their #TeamCordelia stance is fun.

The Boy who Hasn’t Lived Non-binary CJ, brought up in a religious household in the Caribbean, was not allowed to read Harry Potter due to witchcraft being contrary to their family’s view Christianity. Their friend Arlie is a huge Harry Potter fan. Listen along as CJ reads the books for the first time and Arlie for the who knows how many-th time?

Finally, I have just been introduced to Mostly Lit, a London-based podcast on Black pop-culture, which I look forward to exploring further in 2017.

Happy listening in the New Year, and please do let me know of any more pop culture podcasts that you enjoy! Contact me either at @alisonbaker01 or through the comments box below.


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