Ways to resist

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Yesterday an anti-feminist, and- LGBTQ, racist and anti-human rghts presidential teams was sworn in. Personally I fear worse from Vice President Mike Pence than I do from President Trump, as I don’t believe for a minute that the latter will do much actual governing, in the same way that he doesn’t do much actual running of his brand label. Today, people of all genders marched in protest. I could not be there at the march in London- it would have been no place to take a child with disabilities- but I intend this year to make sure that I actively oppose the right wing, anti woman, anti PoC, anti disabilities and anti human rights rhetoric from both sides of the Atlantic, and both sides of the Channel for that matter. Here is one way I intend to do this.

  1. Continue to financially support inclusive feminist media. This includes The F Word and https://bitchmedia.org/, and The Guilty Feminist podcast. None of these are perfect by any means; Bitch Media has been going longer and has more financial backing from independent donors rather than corporate sponsorship, but I feel that without support they will not develop further.
  2. Continue to watch film and TV with diverse casts and preferably with multiple complex women characters. A current favourite is Sense8 where characters are not punished for being PoC, queer and having sex. I will not watch any more TV or films without inclusive casts. In particular, I will not be watching crap like Passengers.
  3. I will support initiatives like Phone Credit for RefugeesRISE Autism Sussex and Albion in the Community. I wish I could do more active support, but I can’t. Instead I shall write, give money and signal boost where I can. I wish these charities and organisations didn’t have to exist, but in the dreadful climate of financial cuts, if they did not exist who would be there for vulnerable people?

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