Review: Emily Knight I am… awakened

Please note: I was sent this book by the author, A. Bello, in return for an honest review.

emily knight I am awakened

A year after the events of the first book, Emily Knight I am, relucant warrior in training Emily Knight returns to her training school, Osaki. The daughter of famous warrior Thomas Knight and sister of missing Lox, Emily has a lot to deal with: the return of the evil Neci, terrifying dreams and intense adolescent feelings affecting friendships and relationships with her class mates. Can Emily learn to control her emotions enough to enable her  to control her powers and help save her school and friends?

It’s fantastic to see the story of Emily expanded, and to learn more about the world of the warriors. The beginning chapter is the back story of a significant character in the world (no spoilers!) which was satisfying. A. Bello has created an enjoyable, ethnically diverse fantasy world, which fans of Japanese martial arts-inspired cartoons such as Pokemon, and of X-Men or Runaways should enjoy- the powers both bind Emily to her follow warriors in training and also separate her from the everyday life of her foster family. It’s wonderful to read about people of colour with privilege, living in luxurious gated community Legends Village. Emily is a Black girl; we need more visible diversity in the fantasy world, especially for young people, and especially in this era where the importance of #ownvoices is being recognised. It is also important for young white people to read about characters of colour that are not just in stories about challenging urban lives- though these books are also important. Maybe the third novel in the series will feature a queer character of colour too.

I have one quibble, however- this book needed another copy edit to catch errors in of/off and in misplaced commas in the final third of the book. Hopefully this will be done before the second edition!


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