My Nine Worlds schedule

This is me! If you’re coming to Nine Worlds, say hi.


I’m lucky enough to be on 5 panel items at Nine Worlds 10th-12th August. A full list is here

On Friday:

1:30- Rodents in children’s fantasy fiction. This is a panel discussion. From Redwall to Ratatouille, from Maurice and his Educated Rodents to The Tale of Despereaux, fantasy for children has a history of mice, rats, rabbits and other rodents going adventuring, escaping peril and saving the day. The panel will explore why rodents, features that make these stories work (and when they don’t) and why they are still so popular.

6:45- Policy and Administration: celebrating the back room in genre. This is a panel discussion. First, follow the correct procurement procedure for your spaceship: Administration and governance in other worlds.
Does the Unseen University have research output targets?
Does the wizarding world have a pre-Hogwarts curriculum?
What kind of risk assessment should be carried out before transporting dragon eggs in a conflict situation?
How can chain of custody and evidentiary laws be followed when policing the undead?
What’s the Net Present Value of Barrayar’s space programme?
If you have asked yourself these kinds of questions, then this panel is for you! Come and listen to us talk about finance, education, justice and armed forces administration in fantasy worlds.

On Saturday:

1.30- Talk. Dangerously attractive witches in children’s fantasy fiction. This is an expanded version of a talk I’ll be giving at IBBY Congress in Athens. I will be discussing the way that foreign witches are characterised in His Dark Materials and Harry Potter as sexy, dangerous and predatory. I really enjoyed writing this paper because I learned a lot about the folklore Veela and Lapland witches were based on. There will of course also be jokes about rigid and flexible wands.

On Sunday:

11:45- panel: Social class in fandom. A panel acknowledging and addressing the specific barriers to participation in fandom due to social class and financial situations, such as assumptions about the social class of fans, the gatekeeping of fandom by some fans to “prove” fandom and how finances may preclude that (e.g. the cost of going to see bands/ attend conventions/ own material goods such as vinyl, books, cinema going vs streaming). My husband is on the panel too!

1:30- panel. What would a female friendly future look like? A panel consisting of female scifi bloggers and authors, in which we discuss what a female friendly future could look like, and books that we think portray a feminist future.

Phew! A busy weekend, but I can’t wait!





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