Ep 25: Timeslips and dreams with Tony Keen


Apologies for the sound: it was incredibly hot in the kitchen in Hove so we recorded with the window open, so there is some traffic noise in the background.

Tony’s choice: Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce

Ali’s choice: The Freedom Maze by Delia Sherman

Tony mentions the difference in portrayal of Roman slavery in Spartacus and Gladiator; can we only empathise if the protagonist is enslaved unjustly? More information on Spartacus here with links to information about screenwriter Dalton Trumbo who had been blacklisted after appearing before the House of Un-American Activities Committee.

Tony watched this adaptation of Tom’s Midnight Garden; Ali watched this one while at university. There was also a BBC radio dramatization which can be obtained via Audible.

Tony on Twitter: @tonykeen46 and his blog: Memorabilia Antonia.

Thanks as always to Steve Vapour Trails for production assistance and to Jack Sadler-Johnson for the use of his beautiful track, Bliss.


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