Ep 26: Fairies and witches and toads, oh my!


Show notes ep 26

Fairies and witches and toads, oh my!

Kit’s choice: The Stream that Stood Still by Beverley Nichols (who is a man! And he had quite the life).

Ali’s choice: Otherland by Louie Stowell. Louie’s very funny The Dragon in the Library was one of the books discussed in Episode 1, with Helena McCallum

Kit’s book,  In the Heart of Hidden Things, can be bought as a hardback or ePub. Kindle edition here  and audiobook via Audible here. You can see Jenna Barton’s artwork here.

Other books with terrifying fairy folk: Terry Pratchett’s The Wee Free Men, discussed with Fran Dowd in episode 6, and Peadar O’Guillin’s The Call and The Invasion. Be warned: these are brilliant books, but very much YA. There’s a lot of body horror involved. I talked about them at Dublin WorldCon and you can read my paper here.

You can follow Kit on Twitter here and #askafairysmith here.

Thanks, as always, to Steve Vapour Trails for production assistance and Jack Sadler-Johnson for the use of his beautiful track Bliss.



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