Where else to read me

Essays and chapters in books

‘Misty Comic: a celebration’ (2016) in Katz, C. Rachel and Makepeace, Christine (ed) Women in Horror annual 

‘Social class and inheritance’ (2018) in Bell, Christopher E. (ed) Inside the World of Harry Potter

Journal articles

‘Every child should be able to relate to their literature’ Trainee teachers investigating cultural diversity in picture books (2013) Write4Children Vol IV No II pgs 81-89

‘Developing trainee teachers’ understanding of representations of diversity in children’s picture books: did initial teacher training impact on Newly Qualified Teacher’s practice?’ (2014) RiTE Vol 4 No 2 pgs 22-24

‘Early reading experiences of white working class trainee teachers’ (2017) RiTE Vol 7 No 1 pgs 25-28


Piatti- Farnell, Donna and Brian, Donna Lee (2015) New Directions in 21st Century Gothic in Fantastika (2017) Vol 1 No 2 pgs 124-127

Curiouser and Curiouser: What happens after the return from Wonderland? A review of Every Heart a Doorway (2016) by Seanan McGuire in Fantastika (2018) Vol 2 No 1 pgs 141-143

Review of My Little Pony: The Movie in Vector 287: The best of 2017

Review of Okja in Vector 287: The best of 2017

Review of The Dragon Prince on the Vector blog: The best of 2018


‘Girl left behind’ (2018) in Sonorus! Feminist perspectives on Harry Potter No. 5

If have any problems in getting hold of any of these pieces, please do email me at a.r.baker [at] uel.ac.uk and I will do what I can.